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How to Buy the Right Lampshade

Did you see a nice lampshade but you don’t remember what size your lamp is? Or maybe you are looking for one but forgot to bring your lamp with you to try out different shades...


Here are our quick tips to make sure you a pick the perfect one!

Note: these rules are flexible and meant to be broken, but can serve as a guideline in your selection.

First, check the numbers on the tag, the lamp size shade refers to the bottom diameter of the shade.

07225L-Style Number

The best way to determine the bottom diameter of the perfect shade for your lamp is to measure the lamp height from the bottom edge of the lamp to just below the socket. Next measure the height of the harp.


The shade you choose for your lamp should have a bottom diameter that is within 1” of the measured height of your lamp. For example, if your lamp height (from bottom of base to just below socket) is 14” tall, the shade you select (depending on your preference for a small, medium or larger looking shade) should have a bottom diameter of 12”-14”.

Example: A lamp which measures 14” in height and has a 7” harp could use a shade that measures 13”-15” in diameter and has shade height of 6”-7”.

Key Factor

Look for a lampshade that doesn’t overwhelm the base of the lamp. While you want to buy lampshades that are a few inches wider than the lamp base, keep the proportions of your lamps in mind if you’re unsure of the right size.


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